A little over a year ago one of the first people I reached out to was Michael, I had taken on a position with the Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation here in Findlay Creek. His willingness to listen and learn showed us just how big his heart is, and we are pleased to call him a friend of the Home. Michael has been a life line to me with his ongoing support which has allowed us to network & educate to so many more. Cindy Wheeler, Director of Development, Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation

A strong advocate in expanding programs and services for seniors in Barrhaven, Councillor Qaqish has assisted us through promoting our various events to seniors in Ward 22. Councillor Qaqish supported our proposal last summer to rent facilities. Given the strong turnout by our Members to that opportunity, he has expanded his support this summer so that Members have access each weekday to these programs. It is with the greatest pleasure that I support the re-election of Councillor Qaqish. Don Winchester, President, Barrhaven Seniors' Council

As my representative on City Council, I have watched Michael work tirelessly for his residents. He is continuously looking out for the best interests of his area. Michael is a champion of this community and the many organizations and events that take place in his ward. Without hesitation, I will be voting for Councillor Michael Qaqish and endorse him for re-election. George Hanna, President- Gabriel Pizza Franchise Corp.

Michael Qaqish has been our Councillor for the Gloucestor - South Nepean Ward for the past term. As a member of the executive of the Heart's Desire Community Association I have always found Michael to be most interested and helpful in assisting us with our community needs. I wish Michael the best of luck in the coming municipal election and look forward to working with him for a second term. Mac Prescott, Chair Land Development Committee, Hearts Desire Community Association

Councillor Qaqish has proven to be a responsive, community & safety centered, hardworking Councillor that has done what he promised when elected. We need his common sense, fiscal prudence and effective, balanced results to continue at City Hall. Susan Killeen Ramsay, Riverside South Resident

We have worked closely with Michael Qaqish to address issues facing our community to ensure that Stonebridge continues to be a safe and rewarding place to live, work and play. Michael always finds time and resources to support the association's work for the betterment of the Stonebridge community. As President of the Stonebridge Community Association, I endorse Michael as Councillor for Ward 22. Jay McLean, President- Stonebridge Community Association

As a Ward 22 resident, I am pleased to support Michael Qaqish in his candidacy for Councillor. Over the past 4 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Michael on many projects in my community of Findlay Creek. He has always been approachable and receptive to local interests, and I am confident he will continue serving the residents of Ward 22 with the same zeal and commitment. Meagan Cote, Past President, Findlay Creek Community Association

In my time as President of the Riverside South Community Association, I was proud to work with Michael Qaqish on issues of interest and importance to our community. He was always responsive and ever-available when we called on his support. I am proud to endorse his candidacy as our ward Councillor.- Chris Hill, Past President, Riverside South Community Association

In my experience with Michael, he has been an advocate for local small business and has continued to support the businesses in his ward with open and productive dialogue. We as an organization welcome the opportunity to continue working with Michael and endorse him as Councillor for Ward 22. Marco Campagna, President, Hovey Industries Inc.

As head of a community association in Ward 22 I experienced good connections with other community leaders and a strong voice in support of making the communities in Ward 22 better to live in, thanks Michael for your guidance and support!  Bron Vasic, Past President, Honey Gables Community Association

Being the President of Indo-Canadian Seniors Association, Barrhaven, I've know Michael Qaqish very well as our City Councillor for Gloucester - South Nepean, since he was elected. I have found him very sincere, honest, helpful in his dealings with a very pleasing and humorous nature. He has been a huge support to our association and has always contributed to our goal of integrating immigrant seniors into the community. Brij Bhushan Gupta, President, Indo-Canadian Seniors' Association

Over the past 4 years we have seen Michael’s dedication to our ward and I’m confident that he’ll do even greater things in his second term.  He’s committed, smart and a voice at council that we can depend on. Matt Triemstra, Riverside South Resident